Donut Blanket

This is hands down, my favourite project to date!

It was fun from beginning to end and works up 
pretty quick for all the colour changes.
Ignore the fact that you'll have ends to weave a donut and carry on....

The original pattern for this Donut Blanket is from Yarnspirations and is for knitters.
You can find it HERE

I really wanted to make this blanket, so I went ahead and converted 
the initial graph for all my fellow crocheters.
The pattern is very easy, only uses single crochet!

Please make sure to read all the notes before you start.

Ready? Let's do this!

(Donut forget to read the

NOTES before you begin:
-you will notice I have separated the graph into sections
-you will be crocheting just the donut and not including the squares covered in yellow
-the border will be the last step, and you will be crocheting around the blanket at the end
-each square counts as 1(ONE) single crochet
-each row will be completed from RIGHT to LEFT on the RIGHT SIDE of the project
-so you will NEVER turn your work, you will attach new yarn for every row
-it will be much easier to create separate balls of each colour as you crochet along (there will be a lot less tangling)
-when you look at the graph, I have seperated the donut into sections, the number of stitches in each section is totaled at the bottom (this made is so much easier to count how many I needed of each colour in that row)

VIDEO: Changing Colours/Reading the Graph:
I have added a video to my IGTV channel, showing exactly how to change colours, read the graph, tips on how to do the border.....
Watch it HERE

Finished size:
47" x  49"

How much yarn do you need?:
Bernat Blanket Pixie Pink - 450g
Bernat Blanket Sand - 300g
Bernat Blanket Seafoam - 500g
Bernat Blanket Sweet and Sour - 50g (varies, depending on how many sprinkles you want)

OTH Crochet Nook (Yarnspirations) Pattern: Donut Blanket

Hook size: 10.00mm
I used: Bernat Blanket Yarn in: Pixie Pink, Sand, Seafoam, and Sweet and Sour Varg


CH - Chain
SC - Single Crochet
3SC - 3 Single Crochets in the same stitch
SL ST - Slip Stich

(with Seafoam)
Ch 65 (the numbers at the bottom of the graph combined is 64, you need one more to continue the SC)

Row 0: SC in 2nd from hook, and down to the end, ch 1, turn (this is the ONLY time you will turn)
Row 1: SC 24 of Seafoam, change to Sand to SC 17, change to Seafoam to SC 23, SL ST, cut yarn
Row 2: *do not turn your work, attach yarn to work from right to left* and follow the graph below

*continue this way until the graph is complete
*weave in all ends before starting the border

-Single Crochet all the way around the blanket
-at each corner stitch, make sure to do 3SC
-I completed 3 rows all the way around
-you can do this border as thick as you want
-you can also do HDC or DC all the way around instead of SC

I'd love see your Crochet Donut Blanket!
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Squared Tank

I love making granny squares.
You can make so many things with them....blankets, tops, dresses, market bags...

And there are a ton of different patterns out there.
I've been wanting to make a tank top with granny squares for a here it is.
This pattern is very easy and beginner friendly.

Notes before you begin:
-This tank top can be made with any granny square pattern.
-The size might vary depending on what weight yarn you use, and if you change the granny square pattern.
-Blocking is very important to make sure you can seam the squares together evenly
-This pattern will fit size small to medium
-if you want the top bigger, make sure to complete an ODD number of squares and attach the squares the same way as below
-The back can be fastened together with a button sewn on, a long piece of yarn attached and tied,or sewn together closed if you are able to fit it over your head
-each round is complete by joining the first and last stitch with a SL ST (this way you will be able to tell where each round started and finished)
-I used approx 200 grams (7oz) of cotton yarn, weight 4

Here we go!

OTH Crochet Nook Pattern: Squared Tank


Hook size: 5.00mm
I used: Betta Knit Receycled Jeans Yarn (you can use any size 4 weight cotton yarn)


CH - Chain
DC - Double Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
TR - Treble Crochet (aka: Triple Crochet)
MPS - Modified Puff Stitch
SL ST - Slip Stich

Modified Puff Stitch (MPS): YO, insert hook, pull up loop, YO, insert hook, pull up loop, YO, insert hook, pull up loop, pull through all 6 loops on hook.

*make 7 squares*

Ch 5, SL ST in the first chain, ch 2 (you should now have a small ring)

Round 1: DC inside ring x 15, join

Round 2: MPS in each stitch x 15, join

Round 3: 4DC in between each puff stitch x 15, join

Round 4: *3TR in ch1-sp, ch 3, 3TR in same space, 3DC in next space, 3HDC in next space, 3DC in next space* , repeat from * until square is complete 
SL ST, fasten off

-the bolded stitches make the corners of the Granny Square

-the most important part of this pattern is to block the squares
-this will make them completely even and will create a perfect flat seam when you attach them together
-there are many ways to block your work (check Pinterest!)
-the picture below shows how I blocked the squares: a wooden peg board and pencils (perfect DIY and works like a charm!)
-you can spray each square with a little bit of water before setting them if you want (I didn't do this)

Now lay out and seam together all seven squares like the picture below.

SC through every stitch like the picture below, do that twice
SL ST, fasten off

Here is what the back looks like:

Here is what the back looks like with straps complete:

Fasten the back with a button sewn on, or a piece of chained yarn to tie it together, or fasten it closed if it can fit over your head.

Here is the top without tassels:

Add tassels to the bottom if you wish:
I cut 12 inch long pieces, and grouped 4 together for one tassel
Put as many as you'd like!

And that's it!

I'd love to see your Squared Tank!
Use #OTHSquaredTank
And tag me @OTHCrochetNook

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