Endless Summer Tank

I never want Summer to end.

I'm always cold...so give me all the heat and humidity...I will never complain.

Sadly, Summer is almost over...but you'll definitely have time to squeeze 

this quick tank top on your project list.

This tank is so easy make and will take you only a few Netflix episodes to finish.

I'm obsessed with this yarn.  Billow is a perfectly bulky Pima cotton that creates thick and thin texture working up so quickly for any project.  It's luxuriously soft and is available in 24 beautiful colours.

Click HERE to check them all out.

I used the colourway Tea Rose for my Triple Top pattern.

I couldn't resist using this yarn again in this gorgeous colour: Sagebrush.

OTH Crochet Nook Pattern: Endless Summer Tank

Yarn: Billow in Sagebrush (I used 2 hanks for mine, size small)

Hook: 8mm Furls Crochet Ergonomic Wooden

Gauge: 4" = 9 Double Crochets x 4 Rows

Sizing: *can be customized to any size based on width of Granny Square, see below on how to calculate the size you need

Video Tutorial: Click HERE to watch a quick tutorial on how to work the middle granny square in this pattern.


SL ST - Slip Stitch

CH - Chain

SC - Single Crochet

DC - Double Crochet

TR - Triple Crochet

Square (make 2):

Ch 4, sl st in first chain to join (and create a circle)

Round 1:*3TR, ch 2. Repeat from * 3 more times, sl st to join round. TURN YOUR WORK.

Round 2: In each ch 2 space (3TR, Ch 2, 3TR), sl st to join round.

Round 3: DC across each side, in each corner (3DC, Ch 2, 3DC), sl st to join round.

Round 4 - 6: Repeat Round 3

**Calculating your size will begin here: measure the widest part of your upper body, take that number and divide it by 2. That number will equal how wide each panel will be. 

Example: the widest part of my body is 28", so each of my panels will both be 14" wide.

**Now that you have your panel width #, measure the square you just made. Add rows of single crochets to each side to reach the width (in inches) you need

**What I did: my squares were both 13" wide, I added 2 rows of single crochet to the side of each square to get the 14" I needed.


Lay both squares on top of each other. Seam with single crochets on the left and ride side.


Attach yarn 2 - 3" in from the side

Row 1: SC in the next 3, ch 1, turn.

Row 2 - 20: Repeat Row 1 (remove or add rows to achieve the strap length you need)

Attach strap to the other side with single crochets.

Repeat on the other side.

Weave in ends -done!

I'd love to see your Endless Summer Tank!

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The Endless Summer Tank is a FREE crochet pattern part of a collaboration with my friends at WeCrochet. 

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