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I'm April...TV Producer by day, Crocheter by night, 
and Mom all the time.
I began crocheting for real in 2014 and only had a basic skill that my grandma taught me when I was 10 years old.
I truly have an appreciation for everything she has ever made me....queen size chevron blankets, sweaters for my girls, endless baby blankets...
I know how much love and time it takes for every stitch.
She has been my motivation to push myself to learn new\ things about this craft as often as I can.

"When do you have time?"

Almost everyday, someone asks me this.
My answer is when you find something you love doing, you just do.  I found "my thing."
And maybe you've ended up on my site, because you've found your thing too.

Balancing everything is most challenging.

I wake up early in the AM and head to my full time job, which is a super fun one I might add. 
When I head home in the afternoon, I get see my girls, spend time with them, pick my oldest up from school.
I love afternoons with them.
After dinner, bath, and bed.... I pick up my hook and crochet the night away...but not too late.
I might not get much sleep, but every day is fulfilling for me.

I've definitely rambled long enough.
I hope you enjoy my blog posts, projects, and patterns.
I'm excited to begin this new journey with you.

In my nook,



Please note: Any patterns featured on this website are my own and for free for personal use. You may sell items you make using my patterns, but please tag/credit/link when posting or sharing.  You may not sell or redistribute my patterns. Thank you!
All patterns use American crochet terms.


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