Wild About You Sweater

I've had this design on my list for months!

My goal with this pattern was to make it simple and easy....and not 
overwhelming if you are new at Intarsia Crochet.

The first time I tried Intarsia, it was a mess.

I wasn't carrying my yarn over properly, it was way too tangled, unorganized....I gave up and never touched it for months.
That being said, over this last year, I've taken tips from the greatest in our maker community.

My favourite is Emily from TLB Patterns.  She is the Intarsia Queen!

She published a full tutorial on everything about this technique.

It changed my Intarsia world!
It's a MUST watch and will help you out so much!
Click HERE to watch!

I used the same technique when I made my Cozy Tree Blanket.

Here is another video that will help that I created for that blanket, click HERE.

Now before you dive into this wild project, here are a few notes:
- Make sure to a wind multiple small balls of each colour, put them in a bowl and grab one when you need it
-As you work your way through the leopard print graph, keep it as untangled as possible, trust me - it's worth it!
-Make sure to keep your tension a little loose but pull your yarn ends tight as you drop them (Emily shows how this is done)
-Since the leopard print isn't the entire pattern - this is definitely NOT a slow project...perfect if you've never tried this before!
-I've included 2 graphs below that will work for sizes: S/M and L
-THE SWEATER FITS OVER SIZED, it will have room and will stretch over time
-Please watch Emily's video above if you've never done Intarsia Crochet before....it will make it so much easier to really grasp where to pull up your yarn and how to keep your ends on the WS of your project.

Ready? Of course you are!

OTH Crochet Nook Pattern: Wild About You Sweater


Hook size: 8.00mm
I used: 
5 (7) x Bernat Softee Chunky in  Linen (Colour A)
5 (7) x Bernat Softee Chunky in Black (Colour B)
1 x Bernat Softee Chunky in Soft Taupe (Colour C)

Finished size (from collar to bottom of ribbing):
S/M --> width: 20", length: 23" 
L --> width: 24", length: 23" 

4" x 4" = 9 sts x 8 rows


CH - Chain
SC - Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
DCFP - Double Crochet Front Post
DCBP - Double Crochet Back Post
BLO - Back Loop Only
SL ST - Slip Stich
WS - Wrong Side
RS - Right Side

The instructions are written for size S/M.  Use the graph below that follows your size choice.
If you require a different size, please email me and I will make you a custom leopard print graph.

BACK and FRONT (make alike):
Ribbing: Ch 7. (Colour A)

1st row: 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook.  1 sc in each ch to end of chain. Turn. 6 sts

2nd row: Ch 1. 1 SC BLO in each st to end of row. Turn.

Rep last row until ribbing reaches desired width. 
(for S/M = 36 rows/for L = 44 rows)

Do not fasten off

Next row: Ch 1. Work Sc evenly across long edge of ribbing. Turn. (36/44)

Next row: Ch 1. *Now follow the graph below to complete your leopard print, using SC throughout.

SL ST twice, fasten off.

*for size small/medium: complete graph up to 36 rows, do not include the grey shaded area
*for size large: complete entire graph, including the grey shaded area

Colour block (top of panel):
Now attach Colour B (black) to the RS of the panel.
Row 1: Work SC in BLO until the end, Turn.
Row 2: SC across in every stitch, Turn.
Rows 3 - 10: Repeat row 2
SL ST twice, fasten off.

Now attach Colour B to the first stitch.
Sc for 10 (12 for size large) stitches, sl st and fasten off

(do the same on the other side of the panel)
Attach Colour B to the first stitch on the opposite side
Sc for 10 stitches. (12 for size large)
Sl st and fasten off

Sleeves (make 2):
Ribbing: Ch 7. (Colour B)
1st row: 1 sc in 2nd ch from hook.  1 sc in each ch to end of chain. Turn. 6 sts

Rows 2 -22: Ch 1. 1 SC BLO in each st to end of row. Turn.

Rep last row until ribbing reaches desired width around wrist. (I completed = 21 rows)
Do not fasten off

Row 1: Ch 1. Work Sc evenly across long edge of ribbing. Turn.

Row 2: Ch 1. 2 SC in first st. SC in each st across until last st. 2 SC in last st. Turn.
Row 3: Ch 1.  SC in each st across. Turn.
Row 4: Repeat row 2
Row 5: Repeat row 3
Row 6: Repeat row 2
*for size s/m: stop here, and continue rows 7 - 28: Repeat row 3
Row 7: Repeat row 3
Row 8: Repeat row 2
Row 9: Repeat row 3
Rows 10- 28: Repeat row 3
(add extra rows here if needed for a longer sleeve)

Now you should have:
2 x identical panels (leopard print/colour block)
2 x sleeves

Diagram 1: Lay WS front panel, WS back panel, and sleeves as shown below.
Seam shoulders and sleeves.

Diagram 2:  Still on the wrong side, fold sweater in half and seam under sleeves and along sides as shown. Turn inside out.

Diagram 1:

Diagram 2:

Attach Colour B, DC around collar, sl st in first DC to join, ch 1.
Next row: *DCFP, DCBP, *repeat until end, sl st in first DC to join.
Fasten off.

And that's it!
Your Wild About You Sweater is done!

I'd love to see yours!

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