Picnic Cotton Tee

I actually started this WIP last Summer and recently found it 
while (finally) cleaning up my yarn stash.

I immediately wanted to finish it with the sole goal that it would be 
the easiest piece of clothing that any level crocheter can make.

It's perfect for beginners and will give you a ton of practice changing colours.
Like all my patterns, it can always be easily adjusted to your size.

I've made a size medium for myself, and 
have outlined when to increase/decrease if you need to.

Notes before you start:
-this item is meant to be light weight using cotton yarn
-You can choose any 2 colours you'd like (or just one colour and skip all the colour changes!)
- I used Bernat Handicrafter Cotton Yarn in WHITE (total: 3.5oz) 
and OVERCAST (total: 1.5 oz)
-the pattern below will refer to the main colour as COLOUR A, and the alternate colour as COLOUR B
-Again, I made a size medium for myself - you can change this to ANY SIZE, by increasing or decreasing the initial chains to start (go ahead and measure the chains to your body or to the person you're making it for before you start, that's it!)
-Also, you can complete less or more rows to adjust the length

Changing colours for this project: 
-With COLOUR A, SL ST in last stitch of that particular row
-Now working in that same stitch - with COLOUR B, attach yarn, pull through and SL ST
- continue pattern

OTH Crochet Nook Patten: Picnic Cotton Tee


Hook size: 5.00mm
Yarn suggestion: Bernat Handicrafter Cotton


CH - Chain
SC - Single Crochet
DC - Double Crochet
SL ST - Slip Stich

CH 45
(with Colour A)
Row 1: DC 2nd from hook, DC across (43), ch 2, turn
Row 2: DC across, ch 2 turn
Row 3: DC across, ch 2 turn
(change to Colour B)
Row 4: DC across, ch 2, turn
(change to Colour A)
*Repeat Rows 1-4 six times*

-each side has 7 stripes of grey
-you can continue to repeat pattern more or less times to achieve the length you want

- the following rows will be shaping the collar

(with Colour A)
Row 25: DC across, ch 2, turn
Row 26: DC across, ch 2, turn
Row 27: DC 11, CH 21, DC 11(you can add more chains here if you want your collar to open up a little more, just make sure to have 43 across in the next row)
Row 28: DC across, ch 2, turn (43)
Row 29: DC across, ch 2, turn
(change to Colour B)
Row 30: DC across, ch 2, turn
*(change to Colour A)
Row 31: DC across, ch 2, turn
Row 32: DC across, ch 2, turn
Row 33: DC across, ch 2, turn
(change to Colour B)
Row 34: DC across, ch 2, turn
*(change to Colour A)
*Repeat Rows 31 - 34  six times*
SL ST twice, fasten off

Now SL ST each side, leaving arm holes (as wide or narrow as you'd like)

Sleeves (crocheted in the round/both sides)
Row 1: SC 35 around, SL ST, CH 2
Row 2: DC 35, SL ST
Fasten off
(you can add more rows to the sleeves if you want them longer)

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Macrame with Yarn

If you followed my Instagram stories, I shared my first
Macramé piece from beginning to end.
I’m always looking for a new craft to learn, and honestly,
I tried knitting…I just couldn’t get into it.

I really wanted to make something for our backyard.
I had a few awesome pieces of driftwood…and I thought a macramé piece would be great!
But I’ve never done it before…so I jumped on YouTube and tried to learn a few knots.

At first, I was totally lost….but once I started to understand it, I was completely addicted!

I found an easy to follow video that shows 4 different beginner knots.
I used every one in my first piece.

It’s from the talented Chelsea Salder, click HERE for her video on:
 HOW TO: Macrame Basics | Larks Head, Square Knot, 
Spiral Stitch, Double Half Hitch”

Typical macramé pieces use rope – which is probably easier, you can tighten each knot and overall will have more texture.

So for us makers that have yarn lying around, any of the ones listed below will work:
-BernatMaker Outdoor (US peeps only)

Here are a few tips I learned using yarn, instead of rope:
-each knot needs to be tied loosely
-if you tighten any of the knots, they just disappear, you can’t really see what its supposed to look like
-so if you aren’t used to these knots….just keep practicing until you are able to tie them loose enough that they all look the same
-yarn is so much cheaper than buying rope!
-you get a lot of yarn out of one skein
-the large macramé I made, used only 1 skein!
-you need SHARP scissors (the bottom of any macramé will need to be trimmed and you want it to look perfect, invest in a good pair of scissors!)

If you need any help on the knots listed below, I can help.
- Larks Head
-Square Knot
-Spiral Stitch
-Double Half Hitch

But anything beyond these 4….I need more practice…lol

Cant wait to see your macramé!

xo April
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