Easy EXTREME Knitted Blanket

Yes...you read that title correctly....KNITTED!
First, crochet is bae....and technically, this shouldn't even be called a "knitted blanket."
I didn't have to use any needles...or learn how to cast on....but I did it!
This is for EVERYONE, at any level.
The easiest blanket you'll ever make.

First a very quick back story on the yarn.

Loops and Threads, Free Spirit Extra Chunky Yarn:
This yarn is AH-Mazing...and unfortunately was only available at Michaels for a limited time.
Most of all, its affordable.  
Regular price for one gigantic skein is $34.99 (CDN), 
and I caught it on sale....50% off! SCORE!
The problem was availability. 
I went to 3 locations to end up with only 2...but I was 
happy with anything.  
They sold out quickly.

These extreme, extra large blankets are everywhere, and most of them are made with 100% Merino wool...which is pure luxury....but not budget friendly.

So if you have never crocheted or knitted before...you can do this!
I made a short video of how to start your chain and how to work the rows.
(see below)

Make as many chains as you want to start - that will be the width of your blanket.
And keep going until you run out of yarn!

IMPORTANT: Make sure to scroll to the bottom.  I've shared a link on 
how to complete your last row

I loved making this!
Have fun!

Tag me @OTHCrochetNook, if you make one! I'd love to see it!

Completing your last row:
Click HERE to watch "Kristin At Home" she does a full tutorial on how to make the blanket, and instructions to complete the last row is at the 5:40 mark


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