Sarah Bralette Pattern

Just in time for the warm temps...summer fests, let's get you 
started right away on an easy bralette!
And can wear it in the water and wash it very easily.

I've made so many bralettes out of Bernat Home Dec Yarn - the texture, the flexibility...makes it the best choice for the most comfortable summer piece!
Check out all the awesome colours and grab some skeins by clicking HERE on the brand new Yarnspirations website.

Quick notes before you start:
-this can be adjusted easily to fit your cup size - when you start: chain less for smaller cup, chain more for a larger cup
-the body can be longer, shorter, or wider by less or more Foundation Treble Crochets to begin with and by adding more rows to the body.
-Bernat Home Dec yarn does stretch, so keep that in mind when you deciding if you want to adjust size
-I've made many bralettes for large cup sizes (DD - J), make sure to create 2 straps on each cup for extra support
-I've included a TON of pictures below, hope they help, leave a comment and ask me questions anytime!

Here we go!

OTH Crochet Nook Pattern: The Sarah Bralette

Hook size: 5.00mm/H or 6.00mm/J
Yarn suggestion: Bernat Home Dec (amount of yarn needed will vary)

Ch – Chain
SC – Single Crochet
DC - Double crochet
2DC – 2 Double Crochets in same stitch
TR - Treble Crochet (aka: Triple Crochet)
2TR - 2 Treble Crochets in same stitch
FTR - Foundation Treble Crochet
Sl St - Slip Stitch

(How to: Foundation Treble Crochet, click HERE [credit: Fiber Flux Blog])

Cup size A/B, make 2:
Ch 7

Row 1: SC in 2nd chain from hook (6)

Do not turn, Continue around 6 SC

Now you are at the top, 3sc in the top stitch

 Now continue down SC 6, ch 1, turn (it should look like a "U")

Row 2: SC 7, 3SC, SC 7, ch 1, turn
Row 3: SC 8, 3SC, SC 8, ch 1, turn
Row 4: SC 9, 3SC, SC9, ch 1, turn
Row 5: SC 10, 3SC, SC10, ch 1, turn
Row 6: SC 11, 3SC, SC11, ch 1, turn
*continue with more rows if you want more coverage/larger cup*

Row 7: ch 5, skip 2, sl st, repeat all the way around, ch 1, turn 
(if one stitch remains, sl st in the last stitch)

 Row 8: *ch 5, SL ST in chain space,* repeat until end

 Row 9: Repeat Row 8
SL ST, fasten off

Row 1: FTR 40, ch 1, turn
*make more or less FTR for wider or narrow body*

Row 2: *Ch 6, skip 2, SL ST in next*, *repeat until end, ch 1, turn

Row 3: Ch 3, *2TR in chain space, TR in SL ST*, *repeat until end, ch 1, turn

4. ‎Repeat Row 2 
5. ‎Repeat Row 3
6. Repeat Row 2
Sl st and fasten off
*continue pattern for length in the body*

 Attach cups to body
*See pictures below*

Make ties
*See pictures below*
*make sure to make 2 straps on each cup for more support if you want it*

*make a strap for both sides*

Weave in all ends....and you're done!
I'd love to see your Sarah Bralette...make sure to tag me @OTHCrochetNook

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