All the Greys Blanket

Okay, so I do crochet AND knit.
But crochet was and will always be my first love.
Plus, I'm the slowest knitter ever, and time is precious!
I will forever choose a Half Double Crochet over a Purl.

Crocheters, there's a place for just us!!
KnitPicks has a new sister, We Crochet!

Check out all things crochet, click HERE

I designed this blanket as a fun collab with We Crochet.

I've had this pattern title on a list of mine for awhile.
Any project I can make with grey yarn...makes me happy :)
All the Greys!
 (next it'll be "all the neutrals" lol)

I used their Wonderfluff yarn in the colourways "Finnley Heather," and "Cobblestone Heather."  It is so fluffy and soft.  It's actually bulky weight but yet lightweight and warm.

Click HERE to check out all the Wonderfluff colour options.

I also used from their Snuggle Puff yarn, "Bunny," which is a heavy worsted weight cotton. It is absolutely huggable and incredibly soft!
Click HERE to check out all the Snuggle Puff colour options.

Notes before you begin:
-the pom poms are an extra touch I added, they are optional.  I just love pom poms on anything!
-you can make this blanket any size you'd like, just increase/decrease your initial chain count
-this can be done with just one colour or many colours, the stitches change every 12 rows
-I made a baby size blanket

Here is the "All the Greys Blanket" :

OTH Crochet Nook Pattern: All The Greys Blanket


Hook size: 6.00mm
I used: Wonderfluff (Colour B: Finnley Heather x 2, Border/Colour C: Cobblestone Heather x 1 ) 
and Snuggle Puff (Colour A: Bunny x 2)

CH - Chain
SC - Single Crochet
HDC - Half Double Crochet
SL ST - Slip Stich

With Colour A
Ch 61
Row 1: *HDC in the 2nd ch from the hook, SC in the next. *Repeat until the end. Turn.
Row 2: Ch. 1, *HDC, SC. *Repeat until end. Turn.
Row 3 - 12: Repeat Row 2

With Colour B
Row 13: HDC in every stitch. Ch. 1. Turn.
Row 14- 24: Repeat Row 13

With Colour A
Row 25 - 37: Ch. 1, *HDC, SC. *Repeat until end. Turn.

With Colour B
Row 38 - 50: HDC in every stitch. Ch. 1. Turn.

With Colour A
Row 51 - 63: *Ch. 1, *HDC, SC. *Repeat until end. Turn.

With Colour B
Row 64 - 76: HDC in every stitch. Ch. 1. Turn.

SL ST twice.
Fasten off.

Attach Colour C.
SC around entire blanket once.
Make sure each corner has 3SC.
Fasten off.

Make 4 pom poms and attach to each corner.

That's it!
Can't wait to see what shades of grey you choose.

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