Plaid Blanket Poncho - Yarnspirations

I loved this project so much!
It was challenging but very satisfying to complete.
Now that it hangs in my closet, I see how timeless it is...I'll keep it forever!

I learned so much and I have included a few key lessons that might help you along the way.

Before I begin, to get the FREE pattern and all the yarn you need for this project, click the links below:
Pattern - click HERE
Yarn - click HERE

Here are my key lessons:

1. Changing Colours Frequently

-The stitch and pattern itself is quite easy, its the frequent colour changes that are a little challenging
- This will take getting used to in the beginning because you will be spending a lot of time trying to avoid all the tangling
-Centre pull is key for each skein, that way they aren't flopping around

2. Using a Main Colour on Repeat

-I started the project by cutting off each colour after every change.....bad idea.
-the pattern itself, repeats in 2 sections: the solid squares and then the black stripes with squares
-the solid squares has a common colour (Toasty Tweed), so I ran that colour under that entire section

Picture from Yarnspirations/Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds in Toasty Tweed

-the black stripes with solid squares has a common colour (Aran), so I ran that colour under the entire section
Picture from Yarnspirations/Patons Astra Yarn in Aran
-this helped SO MUCH with all the ends I had to weave in....AND I had less yarn skeins attached at once

3. Length

-the length the patterns calls for is quite long for my height (5"5)
-I shortened the length and width of this poncho to suit my taste, which can easily be done (starting chain just needs to be shorter)

4. Fringe or Tassels?
-I'm a huge fan of tassels!
-Personal choice, but I chose to finish it off with 4 tassels instead of the fringe

5. The Yarn!

-Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds Yarn is a dream to work with.
- So soft, and the colour selection is beautiful.

Picture from Yarnspirations/Patons Shetland Chunky Tweeds Colour Selection
- I can't get over the speckles of colour that run through each shade.

Final Notes:

Overall, it does take time.  But every now and then, it's nice to complete something that you dedicated so much time to.

It's perfect for Fall, Spring, and those weird warm Winter afternoons.

Best of all....the pattern is FREE from Yarnspirations!

Click HERE to get it right now!

And click HERE for all the yarn you need!

Happy Making!
Picture from Yarnspirations/Patons Plaid Blanket Poncho


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