Beginner Knit Sweater

Are you a crocheter?
Are you a crocheter that wants to learn to knit?
Are you a crocheter and a beginner knitter?

If your answer was yes to any of the above….I hope you’ll join me and make our first knitted sweater TOGETHER!

If you so desire, use: #OTHCrochetersKAL so I can stalk your progress!

I’ve listed everything you need to know in this blog post.
Message me on the gram if you have any questions, or comment below.

Important Notes before you begin:
-I have included tutorial videos in the list below so you can practice right away
-It’s important to do a gauge swatch before you begin – this will determine the exact size you need and the exact number to cast on
-the gauge is outlined below for the yarn I am using, I have included notes on how to measure on any yarn
-don’t pick a dark colour – if this is your first time knitting, it is much easier to see your stitches with a light colour
-The videos I’ve include are for RIGHT HAND knitters, you can still participate if you are LEFT HANDED – but you will need to find tutorial videos that cater to you
-Schedule for each week is outlined below, let’s try out best to stick it, but if you are a quick knitter (or slow knitter)…by all means…knit at your own pace!!

Beginner Knit Sweater

Skills you need to know:
(I’ve include various links from different sources, find which works best for you)

-Long Tail Cast On

-Garter Stitch

-Cast Off
What you need:

US 15/10mm straight needles

-chunky, weight 5 or 6                       
- I will be using approx 30oz (4-5 skeins)

4 x 4” square= 12 rows by 9 stitches
(what this means: 4 inches wide will be 9 stitches across
and 4 inches length will be 12 rows high)
NOTE about Garter Stitch: you will see this stitch creates waves, 1 wave = 2 rows

What you will be making:
2 x Square panels (front and back of sweater)
2 x Rectangles (sleeves)
*these will all be seamed together

OTH Crochet Nook Pattern: Beginner Knit Sweater

Front/Back Panel: make 2
Long Tail Cast On 40 (I am making a size medium)
Knit every row using Garter Stitch
Complete rows until you reach your desired length you want (hold it up against your body)
I completed 64 rows for mine (this sits at my waist, measured: 20"W x 18"L))
Cast off

Sleeves: make 2
Long Tail Cast On 25 (less or more depending how wide you want your sleeves)
Knit every row using Garter Stitch
Complete rows until you've reached desired sleeve length you want
I complete 60 rows for each sleeve.
(My sleeve laying flat measured: 17" x 12")
Cast off

Seam Together:
-Lay each piece flat like the picture below
-Seam together (Link above or click HERE)
-Seam the shoulders and sleeves to the body

-now fold it in half and seam together under the sleeves, and along the sides of the body

Here are a few pictures of my finished pieces:

And we did it!

What should we make next?


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