Take it Easy C2C Blanket

I knew this day would come.

I would dive into the C2C world and never look back.

This is my FIRST ever C2C blanket and I want it to be yours too!

I'm not sure why I thought corner-to-corner crochet was intimidating...but I did.  There are a ton of talented makers out there that provide every resource you need to help you along.  Reading the patterns, making your own grids, colour changes, increase rows, decrease rows and more.  There's a chunk you will need to know before you start but just like riding a bike....it's so easy once you get it and you'll never forget it.

I tasked myself with a yarn that was full of colours so it made my blanket much easier.

I used Chroma Twist Worsted in the colourway TIKI from We Crochet.

It's the perfect weight, works up quickly, and ....NO colour changes with very few ends to weave in. 

Are you sold yet?

Each ball of Chroma twist is a sturdy yet soft yarn with a thick-and-thin strand that mimics beautiful hand spun yarn - no 2 skeins will ever be the same!  Which makes it perfect for a C2C blanket, just pick up a ball and not ever think about....the colour changes will do all the work for you.

I would definitely suggest doing this for your first blanket so you can get used to reading the graph/pattern and understanding your increases and decreases.

I'm already thinking of all the fun things I can make all year 'round with C2C!

First, I've added links below to talented makers that have provided amazing and detailed guides to everything you need to know about C2C. Check them out!

Make and Do Crew - C2C Basics

Repeat Crafter Me - Video C2C Basics

Repeat Crafter Me - Video Joining C2C Squares

Make your own C2C Graphs for FREE - stitchfiddle.com

The Crochet Crowd - C2C Double Crochet

Once you've reviewed those links, the pattern below will be EXTREMELY easy!

Let's get to the pattern!

OTH Crochet Nook Pattern: Take it Easy C2C Blanket

Yarn: Chroma Twist Worsted in Tiki

*you will need approx 6 balls of Chroma Twist

Materials: Size 6mm - J Hook (I used Furls Streamline Wooden Hook in Ebony)

Finished Size: 38" x 38"

Gauge: 4 tiles measure 3.5" using J (6mm) Hook using Chroma Twist Worsted

Stitch: Double Crochet C2C

Note before you begin: there is no RIGHT SIDE or WRONG SIDE with this blanket.

You can follow the chart below or the written pattern that follows it.

C2C Graph:

Written Pattern:

Row 1: Tiki x 1

Row 2: Tiki x 2

Row 3: Tiki x 3

Row 4: Tiki x 4

Row 5: Tiki x 5

*Continue the pattern this way until:

Row 44: Tiki x 44

This is the CORNER - now  begin to decrease at the beginning of each row 

Row 45: Tiki 43

Row 46: Tiki x 42

Row 47: Tiki x 41

Row 48: Tiki x 40

Row 49: Tiki x 39

Row 50: Tiki x 38

Row 51: Tiki x 37

Row 52: Tiki x 36

Row 53: Tiki x 35

Row 54: Tiki x 34

Row 55: Tiki x 33

Row 56: Tiki x 32

Row 57: Tiki x 31

Row 58: Tiki x 30

Row 59: Tiki x 29

Row 60: Tiki x 28

Row 61: Tiki x 27

Row 62: Tiki x 26

Row 63: Tiki x 25

Row 64: Tiki x 24

*Continue the pattern this way until

Row 87: Tiki x 1

And you're done!

It was that easy!

Can't wait to see your Take it Easy C2C Blanket!

Ask me questions anytime: othcrochetnook [at] gmail [dot] com

Tag me: @OTHCrochetNook


The Take it Easy C2C Blanket is a FREE Crochet Pattern part of a collaboration with my friends at WeCrochet.  This post contains affiliate links.

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