Winter Crochet Pumpkins

 Handmade pumpkins are in full force.

So many different colours, textures, sizes...the maker world is so creative.

I wanted to add two more quick crochet pumpkin patterns that you can keep on display well into November and December.

(If you're still in Halloween mode: check out my funky crochet pumpkins made with cotton yarn in Checkered and Leopard Print - with graphs included!)

I was inspired by this BRAND NEW YARN just launched from WeCrochet.

The cool light blue colour and gorgeous dark red really gave me 

a cozy Winter vibe.

Kindred is a light worsted yarn that is 68% Alpaca and 32% Peruvian Pima Cotton.

It's very fluffy and oh so soft.  It works well with a loose or tight gauge and perfect for someone with wool allergies. 

The cotton dyes at a slightly lighter colour than the alpaca which gives it a light marled look with the perfect drape.

It's available now in 11 colours - grab them before they're gone!

Click HERE drool at all the colours and add to cart.

Now to these easy Winter Crochet Pumpkins!

Notes before you begin:

-you can make these in any size you'd like, just adjust the initial chain to more for a bigger pumpkin, or less for a smaller pumpkin.

-this yarn is so soft and has a nice stretch, so make sure to fill it with a ton of poly fil to make it extra plump

-I used a cinnamon stick for the stem (I love the smell!), you can use anything you'd like for the stem

-when you are wrapping your yarn around the pumpkin to finish it off, make sure to do it evenly, 3 times around, or 4 times decide.

OTH Crochet Nook Pattern: Winter Pumpkins

Yarn suggestions:

(my small pumpkin) 1 x Kindred in Raspberry Cordial

(my large pumpkin) 1 x Kindred in Salt Water

Hook: Size 4.5mm Furls Odyssey Hook.

(this gorgeous hook comes in 11 colours! Check them out HERE)


Darning Needle

Gauge (in SC): 

12 sts x 12 rows = 4"


Ch = chain

SC = Single Crochet

BLO = Back Loop Only

SS = Slip Stich

Ch 21 for small (red) pumpkin size


Ch 31 for large (blue) pumpkin size

Row 1: SC in 2nd ch from hook. SC across until end. Turn.

Row 2: Ch 1. SC BLO across row until end. Turn.

Row 3 - 40: repeat Row 2

(continue to next row if making the large pumpkin)

Row 41 - 50: repeat Row 2


Once you have your rectangle, fold in half and seam to the ends together.

Make a running stitch along one end, leaving the other end open for filling.  
Gather and pinch tight, turn inside out

Fill that pumpkin with a ton of poly fil!
Overstuffing is encouraged!
It will look so much better, trust me.

Make a running stitch on the open end, gather and pinch tight.

I ran my darning needle through one end to the next pulling tightly to create the indent at the top and bottom.  You can do this multiple times until you're satisfied. 

Now run your darning needle a few times around the 
pumpkin to create the its shape.
Around 4-6 times will be perfect, but feel free to do this more or less to get the pumpkin shape you want.

Secure and fasten off.

Add your pumpkin stem.

I attached a cinnamon stick with a dab of hot glue.
Bonus: the cinnamon stick makes the room smell like baked goods!

And that's it, you're done!

I'd love to see yours!


These pumpkins are FREE Crochet Patterns part of a collaboration with my friends at WeCrochet.  This post contains affiliate links.


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