Paint the Town Sweater

 I've always wanted to make a red sweater.

And just in time for the holidays, this pattern won't take you

 long and it's perfect for beginners.

Hopefully you're taking some time off for Christmas and you'll be snuggled up with your yarn, watching your favourite show....making an easy sweater.

First the yarn....I'm not a big fan of worsted weight, but this is one of the best worsted I've ever worked with.  

Swish from WeCrochet  works up so quickly and's 100% Fine Superwash Merino Wool!

If you need a worsted for any project in the future, THIS is the yarn you need.

On top of all of that, it's super budget friendly at only $5.99(US)/ball!

And it comes in over 45 colours!

Fill your cart with Swish, click HERE

Notes before you begin:

-this sweater is made up of 2 panels, seamed together at the shoulders and at the sides

-the sleeves are then worked right on to the panels

-Diagram below will explain this in more detail. (it's very easy!)

-The starting chain determines how long (length) your panel will be, the amount of rows you complete is the width of your sweater (image for guidance below)

-Chain 2 at the beginning of each row does NOT count as a stitch

-You can make this as a Spring/Summer top, just don't complete the sleeves

-I made a size small

-if you ever need help with sizing, send me 

a note: othcrochetnook [at] gmail DOT [com]

-It's important to do Foundation Double Crochet to start, this will give the true stretch of the panel and make it easier to complete each row

Foundation Double Crochet:

If you need it, here is a video tutorial on Foundation Double Crochet, from CreatiKnit.

Click HERE to watch.

Before you begin:

Grab your measuring tape.

View the diagram below. 

(A) measurement will represent how many FDC you will work up before Row 1.  (I worked up 64 FDC, my panel measurement was 17")

(B) measurement will represent how many rows you will complete.  (I completed 34 rows, my panel width measured 18")

source: sewnorth

OTH Crochet Nook Patter: Paint the Town Sweater

Yarn: Swish in Serrano (I used 6 = 660 yards)

Hook: 5.00mm/H Hook Furls Odyssey

Notions: Scissors, Stitch Markers, Measuring Tape

Gauge: 15 sts x 8 rows = 4"


Sts: Stitches

FDC: Foundation Double Crochet

DC: Double Crochet

BLO: Back Loop Only

Sk: Skip

Ch: Chain

Panel (make 2 alike):

FDC 64

Row 1: Ch 2. DC BLO in first 4 sts. *Ch 1, Sk 1. DC BLO in the next 2. Repeat from * leaving the last 5 sts unworked.  Ch 1, Sk 1. DC BLO in the next 4 sts. Turn.

Row 2: Ch 2. DC BLO is every stitch until end of the row. Turn.

Repeat Rows 1 and 2 until you've reached the width of your sweater (I completed 34 rows)

Note: your last row should end with Row 2.

Before sleeves, seam panels together:

I whip stitched 4" for each shoulder.

And whip stitched 10" up each side. (My armholes were 7")

Turn inside out.


*These are wide sleeves with no shaping

*These will NOT be worked in the round, they will be worked back and fourth.

*Continue to work each row leaving the seam under the arm unworked

*See image below for guidance.

Attach yarn to the armpit.

Row 1: Ch 2. DC BLO in first 4 sts. *Ch 1, Sk 1. DC BLO in the next 2. Repeat from * leaving the last 5 sts unworked.  Ch 1, Sk 1. DC BLO in the next 4 sts. TURN (do not sl st together, do not crochet in the round)

Row 2: Ch 2. DC BLO is every stitch until end of the row. Turn.

Repeat Row 1 and 2 until you reach desired sleeve length. (I completed ** rows)

Sl St to fasten off.

Final Seaming:

Whip Stich underneath each sleeve.

Weave all ends in.

Optional: Add 1 row of single crochets to the neck hole, around the arm, and around the bottom

And you're done!

I'd love to see your Paint the Town Sweater.

Tag me @OTHCrochetNook

Thank you for all your support this year.

Happy Holidays and all the best for 2021!


The Paint The Town Sweater is a FREE crochet pattern part of a collaboration with my friends at WeCrochet. 
 This post contains affiliate links.


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