Cord Clutch

When I first got my hands on the Mini Cordage Yarn from We Are Knitters, I wanted to make so many things. It's so versatile and perfect for accessories and home decor. For obvious reasons, macramé would be a popular choice for this yarn but I really wanted to make a clutch for myself!

I wasn't sure how it was going to work up and to be honest, it's a wrist workout. It's tough and very hard but worth it. The texture is dreamy and it's so durable.

Mini Cordage Yarn is made up of 80% recycled cotton, so perfect for keeping sustainability in mind.

This pattern is just a rectangle using 2 colourways, seamed together, that's it.

Very easy!

OTH Crochet Nook: Cord Clutch

1 x Mini Cordage Yarn in off-white

1 x Mini Cordage Yarn in black

9mm Crochet Hook (I used Furls Crochet Cookie Swirl Hook, it's dreamy!)


Tapestry needle (wide eye for cord)

Herringbone single crochet stitch (HBSC): this is a beginner friendly stitch that shows so much texture and works up easily.  If you find it too hard to work in the 3rd loop, just work SC where you are used to. Here is a perfect video tutorial of the HBSC HERE. (source: For the Frills)

Ch 25

Row 1: SC in 2nd from the hook, SC in all stitches until the end of the row, ch 1. Turn. (24)

Row 2: HBSC in every stitch, ch 1. Turn. (24)

Repeat Row 2 until you have completed 24 rows in total.

Sl st and fasten off.

*I completed 12 rows of off-white and 12 rows of black


Laying the rectangle flat, you are going to fold it into thirds.

Seam the right and left side of the clutch tightly. Weave in your ends.

Turn inside out, puff out the corners, and that's it!

I'd love to see your cord clutch!

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