Ghost with the Most Blanket

 I love Halloween! (just as much as I love Christmas)

Everything about it is so much fun.

I've been seeing a ghost blanket from Home Goods that has gone viral. 

Every creator is looking for it.

And like any maker, what do we say when we see something in a store 

we like... "I can make that!"

So I did. Here is my Ghost with the Most Blanket. Easy beginner friendly pattern!

The ghosts are also a great craft project on their own, perfect for a garland or wall hanging.

Let's get started!

Notes before you begin:

The ghosts are made with a felt backing and can be sewn together or hot glued - all with the intention that this blanket can ONLY be hand washed GENTLY, or spot washed.

The blanket is worked on its own and the ghosts are added to the finished blanket.

About the yarn:

I used Mill House Super Bulky It's a 100% acrylic yarn that features the warmth and softness of wool with the easy care wash-ability of acrylic. Perfect for bulky accessories, blankets, or quick gifts. Available in 12 vibrant hues and sold exclusively through WeCrochet.

OTH Crochet Nook Pattern: Ghost with the Most Blanket 

8 x Mill House Super Bulky in Burnt Orange

1 x Mill House Super Bulky in Tan Heather

10mm Crochet Hook (I used Furls Crochet Cookie Swirl Hook, it's dreamy!)


Tapestry needle or Hot Glue (attaching the ghosts to the blanket)

Black foam circles for ghost eyes (or use a marker)

Felt (colour to match your ghost yarn colour)


CH(S) = Chain(s)

SC = Single Crochet

FDSC = Foundation Single Crochet

ST(S) = Stiches

Foundation Single Crochet (FDSC): 

Here is an easy video tutorial from Evelyn and Peter, watch it HERE



Row 1: In the 2nd st from the hook, SC, skip the next st, *3 SC in the next st, skip 2 sts. Repeat from * across until the last 2 sts remain, skip one, sc in the last st and turn.

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in the first st, skip the next one, 3 sc in the next sts, *skip the next 2 sts, 3 sc in the next st. Repeat from * across until the last 2 sts remain, skip one, sc in the last one and turn. 

Row 3-71: Repeat row 2.

Making the ghosts:

Step 1: cut the shape of the ghost using cardboard, trace the cardboard shape onto felt, trace 9 ghosts (or how ever many you want), cut out the ghost from the felt

Step 2: Cut 6 pieces of yarn that are long enough to wrap cover the felt, use a hot glue gun and attach the yarn pieces like the photos below

Step 3: Trim the yarn ends to line up with the felt.

Step 4: Attach the foam circles as ghost eyes. You can use a black permanent marker as well. Or cut your own pieces of felt and hot glue OR sew them on

Step 5: Attach ghosts anywhere on the blanket, sew them on or hot glue them (if you this blanket is for decor purposes only)

                                                                That's it!
                                        Your Ghost with the Most Blanket is done!
                                        I'd love to see it, tag me @OTHCrochetNook

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